1st Image set 100% Complete!

A huge thank you to everyone involved in helping the Seafloor Explorer complete this first round of images.  We will crank away at the dataset and get you some preliminary results soon.   Stay tuned because we will also be announcing the timing of the second round of image on the searfloorexplorer.org site.

And now an image of an armored searobin (family: Peristediidae) at a depth of 133m (436ft).

Armored Searobin


About adyork

I'm a marine biologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic institution and a member of the HabCam Group.

One response to “1st Image set 100% Complete!”

  1. Art says :

    Congratulations, everyone. Especially those superusers who managed to classify over 10000 images.

    So does the second image set have measures to mitigate the problems with animals at the edges of the images, can more different animals be classified and will the field guide be updated to include such animals as sand dollars, jellyfish, salps, moss animals and others?

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