Possible new species? “convict worm”

Convict WormBe on the lookout!  We are collecting images of a possible new species nicknamed the “convict worm” because of its black and white bands.  It appears to be some kind of tube-dwelling worm.  You can see images that have been found already by looking at the Convict Worm Collection or look at recent discussions that include the trend #convict-worm.

You can also  “Dive In” to the Seafloor Explorer and start looking for some yourself.

Let us know if you can help narrow down this critter taxonomically!


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About adyork

I'm a marine biologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic institution and a member of the HabCam Group.

5 responses to “Possible new species? “convict worm””

  1. adyork says :

    So far suggestions of a Genus level identification Tubulanus and Maldane “bamboo worm.” Part of the difficulty seems to be that most image records of these worms are from preserved samples that can have a drastically different color and shape from a live animal.

  2. talzhemir says :

    Found one here, at center. Also, I found a funny-elbowed louse-shaped crab on the left.

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