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1st Image set 100% Complete!

A huge thank you to everyone involved in helping the Seafloor Explorer complete this first round of images.  We will crank away at the dataset and get you some preliminary results soon.   Stay tuned because we will also be announcing the timing of the second round of image on the site.

And now an image of an armored searobin (family: Peristediidae) at a depth of 133m (436ft).

Armored Searobin


You’re doing great! Keep it up.

As of today we are 93% done with the first image set we put up on seafloor explorer.  As we approach the end of this phase we would like to share some preliminary results.  One analysis we did was public vs. expert scallop measurements.  In other words, how close are scallop shell height measurements done by the public vs. someone who has been measuring scallops for years in scientific applications.  We had an expert do a subset of the same images on seafloor explorer that we gave all of you and were extremely pleased to see that there was a really tight correlation.  That measurements by the public are up to an expert level.


Measurements of sea scallop shells by Expert (x-axis) and Public (y-axis) annotators. Units are in mm. n = 1,837. 1:1 correspondence (blue line), linear regression line (red).

Possible new species? “convict worm”

Convict WormBe on the lookout!  We are collecting images of a possible new species nicknamed the “convict worm” because of its black and white bands.  It appears to be some kind of tube-dwelling worm.  You can see images that have been found already by looking at the Convict Worm Collection or look at recent discussions that include the trend #convict-worm.

You can also  “Dive In” to the Seafloor Explorer and start looking for some yourself.

Let us know if you can help narrow down this critter taxonomically!

WHOI announces the Seafloor Explorer project

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution put out a great press release about the project.  Check it out.

Welcome to the seafloor!

The HabCam team is thrilled by the chance to interact with everyone on the Seafloor Explorer. We will be posting details about the HabCam project here on the blog such as at-sea research cruise pictures, interesting findings, and details about new development projects. Check back to be up-to date with all things HabCam.

Group picture of the HabCam group

The HabCam Group aboard the F/V Kathy Marie. From left to right: Scott Gallager, Tony Melo, Richard Taylor, Paul Rosonina (front), Karen Bolles, Jarry Shervo, Donald Rosonina, Amber York (front).