1 Million Classifications


Seafloor Explorer has been a big hit with the growing Zooniverse community. Three months since it launched, we’re celebrating an amazing milestone: over 1,000,000 classifications! Adding up all the time spent on Seafloor Explorer since it began, you have spent a collective 10 months on the site! A full time researcher would take more than two years to complete that number of images – working without breaks or holidays!

For today’s Zooniverse Advent Calendar entry we’ve created a collection of the most-collected and commented on images on Talk. There are some great pictures in here, and you often see amazing creatures and features in the HabCam images.


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4 responses to “1 Million Classifications”

  1. Jack Stewart says :

    I think it should be clarified that hash-tagged names of species are not actually recorded as data. They are just used for conversational or educational purposes. I wasted an hour or two trying to input hash-tagged data!.

    • arfon says :

      Not true. We’ve used these extensively in other projects (such as Planet Hunters) and discoveries/new science have resulted.

      • Jack Stewart says :

        You are of course correct. I was just referring to data recorded in the individual personal profiles..

  2. Jack Stewart says :

    Is this website abandoned or no longer actively suprevised? No new articles since 10 Dec 2012

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