WHOI announces the Seafloor Explorer project

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution put out a great press release about the project.  Check it out.


About adyork

I'm a marine biologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic institution and a member of the HabCam Group.

3 responses to “WHOI announces the Seafloor Explorer project”

  1. geraldwnashjr says :

    I can’t seem to get Seafloor Explorer to load. Am I doing something wrong. I load my other projects.

  2. adyork says :

    This problem is being discussed in our help section, please see the discussion on interface bugs. http://talk.seafloorexplorer.org/discussions/DSF1000f5r

  3. Adam Cherson says :

    Looks great. I’ve surveyed ten images and it’s all working marvelously. A few questions comments: 1) Do we include plant life? 2) What is that reddish substrate? 3) In a future iteration perhaps you could allow the surveyor to continue moving in linear direction with the the next image instead of random jumping all the time, 4) Could the little image showing the location map be zoomed out so that I could see where I am geographically? (this is often just solid blue with no features), 5) an expanding gallery would improve accuracy and educational value. Looking forward to more.

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