Welcome to the seafloor!

The HabCam team is thrilled by the chance to interact with everyone on the Seafloor Explorer. We will be posting details about the HabCam project here on the blog such as at-sea research cruise pictures, interesting findings, and details about new development projects. Check back to be up-to date with all things HabCam.

Group picture of the HabCam group

The HabCam Group aboard the F/V Kathy Marie. From left to right: Scott Gallager, Tony Melo, Richard Taylor, Paul Rosonina (front), Karen Bolles, Jarry Shervo, Donald Rosonina, Amber York (front).


About adyork

I'm a marine biologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic institution and a member of the HabCam Group.

5 responses to “Welcome to the seafloor!”

  1. Dana says :

    Tried to enter the Seafloor Explorer at ‘Dive In’. First 2 tries, zilch, Next one took me to the first page of the tutorial, where it stuck. Last try stuck on the Home page. Is this me? Or your site?

  2. Matt says :

    Hi. Just wanted to say that I’m loving taking part in this. I went on originally expecting to be bored after 5 minutes, instead both me and my girlfriend have become fascinated and hopelessly addicted (we even get jealous if the other one spots something particularly interesting looking!). Really hope this kind of project is a success and gets extended to other regions, as I’m in the UK and it would be very cool to see what’s lurking around our coastline 🙂

  3. Marcelo Carvajal says :

    Nobody has posted here in about 2 years! Well, that changes today! Hello everyone, Marcelo Carvajal here! Let’s keep Marine Biology relevant by partaking in the Seafloor Explorer and educating the public about how the oceans affect us all as a whole!

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