Seafloor Explorer

It’s a busy month at the Zooniverse. Citizen Science September began with the relaunch of Galaxy Zoo two days ago and today we’re launching a whole new project: Seafloor Explorer. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water. The images come from HabCam, an underwater robot that takes wonderful images of the seafloor and its corals, fish, lobsters and much else

HabCam scientists need volunteers to help understand what they see in their data. At anyone can explore the HabCam images – many of which have never been seen before – and identify the creatures and terrain they see. The data you collect will be invaluable in determining the distribution of scallops, starfish and many other kinds of underwater species.

The HabCam imagery used in this project was collected in coastal regions of the Northeastern United States. To collect images, HabCam is towed from a ship and ‘flies’ approximately 2.5 m (6-8 ft.) above the seafloor, collecting six to 10 images per second. Getting help going through the millions of images collected is where you come in. We need your help to understand where these creatures are found and how they live.

We’re really excited to launch this project and hope you’ll enjoy diving under the surface to see what you can catch. Visit the new site now at You can share your favourite images on Facebook and Twitter and we’ve also built in Talk, so you can discuss any curious creatures you spot.

You can read more on our official press release.


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3 responses to “Seafloor Explorer”

  1. Paul Staveley says :

    what should i classify sea anenomys ( oops) as pls help

    • adyork says :

      We are not asking people to measure anemones right now. But if you see an anemone or any other organism in the species please answer yes to the question “Are there any other species present in this image?”

      For future reference, you can post questions like this in the “Talk” section of the seafloor explorer.

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